Artists and Authors

Aleksandr Jackson is the author of Lions. Aleksandr is the pen name for Michael Seelen, founder of Unveiled Media and quant analyst who has lived and worked in Europe and Asia and currently resides in the United States with his family. Learn more about him at his website

Christopher Seelen is the author of Daddy Is That The Best You Got? and The Great Big School Yard Good-bye Waving Game. Chris is an attorney who loves to write children's stories. His stories involve playful competition between a father and his children. Chris's play adaption of "Daddy Is That The Best You Got" won a local children's theater's new playwright competition. Please see his author page or send him an email at jobenbooks [at] charter [dot] net. Be sure to look out for Bumblebee Jack, his next story.

Jessica Scheberl, a professional artist specializing in children's books, is the illustrator of The Great School-Yard Goodbye Waving Game. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration.  In addition to illustration work, Jessi manages a shop on (HappyJumpingFeet), and also produces portrait sketches, commissioned paintings, and full-color wall murals.  She works mostly with gouache and watercolor when creating illustrations.  She lives with her husband and two daughters in Eau Claire, WI.

Tyler Moen is the illustrator of Daddy Is That The Best You Got?

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