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Daddy Is That The Best You Got?

Join our funny adventure as Daddy searches for a bedtime story to help Josie fall asleep.

The Great Big School Yard Good-bye Waving Game

Dad and Ben play a game to see who has the biggest wave.

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When the pink sunset glows in the blue dusk sky
and the ambiance shines on the full moon pie

Dad picks out a story and Mom tucks you in snuggle-tightthey read you a book close by the turtle night light

The words float over you, tales of playful timesand adventures of silly sing-song rhymes

So soon, you fall fast asleep, eyes shut tight, uttering not a peep

And through your mind pass visions of cotton candysigns of life, most promising and dandy

Sleep softly, soundly, until morning's sweet caress, dreams are here, brought to life by Cotton Candy Press

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